24 April 2014

install ngx_drizzle

should be install lib_drizzle first. using openresty, it’s include many module.


just make a nginx config file. in this config file, will using some env var. so using sed to replace it before deploy the app.

sed -e "s,`echo '$OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR'`,`echo $OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR`," \  
    -e "s,`echo '$OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP'`,`echo $OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP`," \  
    -e "s,`echo '$OPENSHIFT_DIY_PORT'`,`echo $OPENSHIFT_DIY_PORT`," \  
    -e "s,`echo '$OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_PORT'`,`echo $OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_PORT`," \  
    -e "s,`echo '$OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_HOST'`,`echo $OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_HOST`," \  
    -e "s,`echo '$OPENSHIFT_REDIS_HOST'`,`echo $OPENSHIFT_REDIS_HOST`," \  
    -e "s,`echo '$OPENSHIFT_REDIS_PORT'`,`echo $OPENSHIFT_REDIS_PORT`," \  
    -e "s,`echo '$REDIS_PASSWORD'`,`echo $REDIS_PASSWORD`," \  
    $OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR/.openshift/action_hooks/nginx.conf.template \  
    > $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR/nginx/conf/nginx.conf  

build every api by define location, output to JSON format.

location ~ '/api/lookup/([a-z0-9_]+)' {  
    set_quote_sql_str $type $1;  
    drizzle_query 'select * from `lookup` where `type`=$type';  
    add_header Access-Control-Allow-Origin '*';  
    add_header Access-Control-Allow-Methods 'PUT, POST, GET, OPTIONS';  
    add_header Access-Control-Allow-Headers 'X-Requested-With';  
    add_header Access-Control-Allow-Credentials 'true';  
    drizzle_pass backend;  
    rds_json on;  

add the “Access-Control-Allow-*” header to support crosse domain ajax call. need XMLHttpRequest level 2, in IE 8 there’s XDomainRequest object to support.

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