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A barebones router for PHP. It matches urls and executes PHP functions. automatic get variable based on handler function parameter list. There is one Blog demo, work with ActiveRecord and MicroTpl.


http cache, can server stale response, and using “lua-resty-lock” only allow one request to populate a new cache. work with srcache-nginx-module.


python redis cache library, can using stale data, and create new cache async. using tornado.ioloop to create async task.


wraper mongo driver by using ffi. using one bson library lua-cbson, based on libbson


A easeing function component. Include 30 ease functions. can see the description on site: easings.net or see it in the test file.


A mapreduce framework based on socket.io write in node’s. Using a nodejs server to control the maper and reducer. Using the browser to run tasks Every node communication with the controller by using socket.io, (Html5 browser just using Web Socket). Update the mapred.io-client.js file, can using in browser and server, so we can add node as a standalone application in server not just using browser.


Small template attribute language implemention for PHP (using xml_parse)


Simple activerecord in PHP.
Easy to using(can using chain calls).
Support three relations (HAS_ONE, HAS_MANY, BELONGS_TO).
Only one file(398 lines with comments).


A jQuery plugin to edit json data. using “ul” “li” to view the json data as a tree. there’s 3 buttons to “add after”, “insert” and “delete” the node. register “dbclick” event to edit the key and value (if the content is so long, using textarea instead of input to edit it).


forked this project from other git user, using restful request. add one plugin to filter records. just extended from the creation form and editing form.

YII extension

using YII framework to wrap the jtable, can using this extension to edit the Active Record on admin panel. can edit the relation AR (HAS_MANY) by open a children table.

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