29 April 2014

write one app on android by using html and javascript.

jquerymobile can create the ui, and some animation. the roitjs can build app into MVP.

extend roitjs

roitjs just give us 3 API, $.route(), $.render(), $.observable() i extend this framework, add one API: $.model() it can create model, and extends by base model.

	var models = {}, guid = function(){return Math.random().toString(36).substring(2, 15)}
	$.model = function(attr, parent) {
	    // create new object: obj = $.model(name, data)
	    // define one class: class = $.model(attr, parent)
	    if (typeof attr == 'string') 
	        return models[attr] ? new models[attr](parent) : {}
	    var pobj = typeof parent == "function" ? new parent() : 
	        typeof parent == 'string' && $.model(parent)
	    return models[attr.name || guid()] = function(data) {
	        $.extend(this, pobj, attr, data)
	        if (!(this.on && this.off && this.trigger && this.one)) $.observable(this)
	        this.name = attr.name || this.name || arguments.callee.name || 'base'
	        this[this.name+'Init'] && this[this.name+'Init'](this)

the attr is the attribute or method defined on “Model”. the parent is the base model. can be null. the data is the current attributes to create new object by using “new”.

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