10 May 2014


i want to server image data from mysql blob field. so i can only using “lua_resty_mysql” or “lua_rds_parser” + “ngx_drizzle”. both of the solution need write LUA code. but i want a simple way, just like using “ngx_drizzle” + “rds_json” to build RESTful API, (there’s only little command no LUA code).


i found “rds_csv”, we can config this module just display the blob field. but this module escaped this field. so i want to add one command to control it, do not escaped this field. i have write simple code on the fork https://github.com/lloydzhou/rds-csv-nginx-module/commit/5c2649352fc20d24b26604701118ec7673408877.

location ~ '/cats/image/([0-9]+)' {
    drizzle_query 'select img from cat_image where id=$1 limit 1';
    drizzle_pass backend;
    rds_csv on;
    rds_csv_quote_string off;
    rds_csv_field_name_header off;
    rds_csv_content_type 'image/jpeg';

** do not display the field name
rds_csv_field_name_header off;

** do not escape the field
rds_csv_quote_string off;

** change the content type
rds_csv_content_type ‘image/jpeg’;

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