28 November 2013


Simple implement of active record in PHP.
Using magic function to implement more smarty functions.
Can using chain method calls, to build concise and compactness program.

Easy to using(can using chain calls).
Support three relations (HAS_ONE, HAS_MANY, BELONGS_TO).
Only one file(398 lines with comments).

WHERE condition

maping the function name and the operator, to build Expressions in WHERE condition.

user can call it like this: 
	 $user->isnotnull()->eq('id', 1); 
will create Expressions can explain to SQL: 
	 WHERE user.id IS NOT NULL AND user.id = :ph1


maping the function name and the operator to build SQL Part.

call function like this: 
	 $user->order('id desc', 'name asc')->limit(2,1);
can explain to SQL:
	 ORDER BY id desc, name asc limit 2,1

Class Reference

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