07 December 2013


template attribute language discription from “wikipedia”.
The Template Attribute Language (TAL) is a templating language used to generate dynamic HTML and XML pages.
Its main goal is to simplify the collaboration between programmers and designers.
This is achieved by embedding TAL statements inside valid HTML (or XML) tags which can then be worked on using common design tools.
TAL was created for Zope but is used in other Python-based projects as well.

My implement in php Microtpl

MicroTpl is small templating system for PHP. implement some syntax of template attribute language in PHP (using xml_parse)


tal:repeat="$messages as $key => $message"
 * Replace the attributes of the tag with php code. 
 * Can using the attribute names such as 'id', 'href', 'class' and so on.
tal:class="($key%2 ? 'odd' : 'even')" 

API refrence

// parse the template from string 
public static function parse($template)
//  render file with layout by using $data.
public static function render($view, $data = array(), $layout = '') 

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